You Have to Feel the Putt

Has anyone ever told you that you have great touch? Well if you haven’t heard it  that’s ok. After all, you are here to learn right? The following Easy Golf Tip will teach you a practice tool that will give you the touch you need to make the ball fall into the cup.

Line up in the middle of the practice green for a long putt. By long putt, I mean 25 ft at least. Face your putt to the fringe of the green. Hit your first putt so that it goes off the green and a foot or two into the fringe. Hit your second putt so it falls a foot or two short of the fringe line. Now, hit your third putt so it lands somewhere between the first and second ball.

Once you get your third ball in the middle of the first two, hit about 3 more putts that all fall within the first and second ball. You should have the stroke down. Now to really get the feel for the putt, you must close your eyes for the next shot. Use the same exact putting swing you used for the previous few balls. Nothing will change except your eyes being closed.

The goal is to keep hitting balls that land between the first and second one while keeping your eyes closed. This will help you get that all important touch when approaching a normal putt.

If you look at any professional basketball player, they can all hit free throws with their eyes closed. It is the same motion and the have a feel for where the hoop is. The same concept applies in golf.

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