How to Hit a Draw

golf tips

golf tips

One of the most common questions an amateur golfer might have is, how do you hit a high draw with your fairway irons? Beginners are generally known for slicing the ball and hitting fades because they aren’t keeping their wrists straight in the take back, thus opening the club face on impact. To hit a high draw, it is much easier than it might sound. The following Easy Golf Tip will teach you an easy way to hit a draw.

The tip below is the easiest way for a beginner golfer to hit a draw. The benefit of hitting a draw is the added distance. The first step is to line up as if you are hitting a normal straight shot. Make sure to keep the club head square to the ball and the target. The second step is to aim your feet just right of the target a couple of degrees, probably 5-10 degrees. By aiming your feet to the right of the flag and keeping the club head square to the ball, you are closing your stance. This will put a draw on the ball.

Take a normal back swing and be sure to keep your head down. Rotate your body and follow through with the swing. If done properly, your ball with have a right to left draw while in flight.

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