Hitting a Punch Shot

So you’ve found your ball stuck behind a tree in the woods. You have a small clearing but a large branch is keeping you from hitting your normal shot. You need a punch shot. The perfect punch shot is a low trajectory shot that will allow you to gain maximum distance by keeping the ball low to the ground. In today’s Golf Tip we will discuss how to hit a proper punch shot.

When hitting a punch shot you want to select a low lofted club like a 4 or 5 iron to help minimize the height of the ball once you hit it. To his a punch shot you will need to place the ball in the back of your stance. You will want to choke down on the grip just a little bit so the club is not fully extended from your hands.

When attempting a punch shot it is best to use a hand position that is known as the forward press. This simply means your hands are pressed forward in front of the ball. You will want to take a half to three-quarters swing and a half to three-quarters follow through after striking the ball.

Punch shots are ideal in shallow rough and pine straw from the woods. Do not attempt a punch shot from the deep rough because it is harder to control and likely you will chunk it.

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