Choosing the Right Driver for You

When playing golf it is important to have clubs that fit you. No two people are a like and no two people have the same swing. When choosing the proper driver for your game, there a few things to consider:

  • Club head size
  • Shaft
  • Loft

Club Head Size
There are generally three sizes when it comes to club heads: standard, mid-sized, and over-sized. The drivers you see professionals using on television are classified as over-sized. You won’t find many standard sized drivers built for men. Most 150cc (cubic centimeters) club heads are made for juniors. You can see a picture here. The smaller club head does provide better control, but has a small sweet spot. A mid-sized club head is around 175-225cc. A slightly bigger club than standard will provide added distance while still giving you a lighter club. Over-sized club heads (or what some of us like to call  the big dog) range from 250-500cc. These clubs are massive. They are a bit heavier and harder to control, but the large sweet spot will allow you to make contact from different parts of the club. In my opinion the over-sized club head allows more forgiveness with a bad swing. You can see a picture here.

There are two types of shafts in which drivers are made out of: steel and graphite. Most drivers made today are constructed from a graphite shaft. This reduces the overall weight of the club. Another benefit of the graphite shaft is that it is more flexible and absorbs shock. Steel on the other hand, is stronger and more durable. Steel shafts should be used for players who need extra control off the tee. In general, you will pay more for a graphite shafted club.

The flexibility of a shaft is also important when choosing a club. Flex is the amount of bend in a club. The two main types of flex are regular and stiff. A regular shaft is recommended for beginners and players with slower swing speeds. A stiff shaft won’t have as much forgiveness but will generate more power. A stiff shaft is recommended for advanced players with a quicker swing speed.

Every driver also comes with a specific loft of the club face. The higher the loft degree, the more control you will have, but you will sacrifice distance. The recommended loft degrees are as follows:

  • Slow swing – 10.5-12 degree loft
  • Average swing – 9.5-10.5 degree loft
  • Fast swing – 8-9.5 degree loft
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Add More Distance to Your Driver by Rotating Your Hips More

A common misconception in golf is that power comes from the hands or swing speed. This could not be firth from the truth. The following Easy Golf Tip will help you improve your distance with the driver by rotating your body.

Torque is defined as a turning or twisted force. This is what we want the body to do in a proper golf swing. You can probably notice that elderly golfers can not rotate their body as much as a younger golfer. This directly results in a decrease in power and distance. All the power from your swing comes from your legs, not the arms. By creating more torque, you will create more power.

I am going to use the following picture as a guide on how to build the perfect rotation for your swing.

Golf Tips to Improve Your Driving Accuracy and Distance

Golf Tips to Improve Your Driving Accuracy and Distance

Notice in step one the right shoulder is pointed straight down at the target. The head is down and the club is almost parallel to the target. You want to see your belt buckle pointed away from the target during your rotation.

In step two you will notice the hips starting to rotate back towards the target. The head remains behind the ball as the hips rotate. Staying behind the ball will deliver more power upon contact.

In step three, the belt buckle is almost square to the ball.

Step four is the most important part of the rotation process, this is called the follow through. Notice the belt buckle pointing directly at the target. This is crucial for the follow through. There are two ways to practice the follow through:

  • Line up to the ball without a club and take your stance. Grab your right hip bone with your left hand. Now take a swinging motion and grab your right hip a pull it towards your target until the belt buckle faces the target. Practicing this will help your body remember to fully rotate towards the target in the follow through.
  • Another example to practice this is to take your stance at a ball and put your hands together (palm to palm) where you would normally hold the club. Take a back swing and follow through. At the end of the follow through, pretend you are going to shake someone’s hand with your right hand (for right handed golfers). You want to reach out and extend your right arm on the follow through.

For more tips on how to improve your driving accuracy or distance, check more postings here.

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Golf Driving Tips

golf driving tips

golf driving tips

Nowadays, golf is probably one of the well-known sports around the world. In the event that you will drive a golf ball, there should be little space for error. There are so many sources which can be accessed in order for you to enhance skills in golf. In reading the entirety of this article, you will know some golf driving tips that are very helpful in order for you to play golf properly.

For those people who are new to this sport, you may find some manuals, books, videos and resources on the internet that have a very detailed instructions about how to develop the technique as well as convey more mellowness to a person’s golf performance. You should first research in order for you to have the best golf driving tips. It is indeed highly recommended for you to accomplish the feat in growing gold distance to tee in order to tee the said ball higher, one thing which results on flatter plus much more ascending swing.

The driver probably is the hardest or most difficult club in hitting correctly, so it’s very essential that you are taking time in positioning the ball appropriately in order for you to have the biggest chance in hitting a very solid shot. In using golf driving tips outlined on this article, you may be capable in developing and improving your game on the process. In making a backswing, the best advice is that always wind upper muscles in the body like a spring. The right body posture will eventually be a great help for you in properly hitting the ball. It is being said that the best golf driving tips are related to downswing. In downswing, it definitely is imperative for you to shift weight on the left side which goes in to catalyze, a sequence and synchronized reaction of the chest, hips, arms as well as clubs, all of it are pulling and helping behind ball in order to increase their impact. After the said reached impact the next thing that you must need to do is keeping head behind the said ball. There is a popular drill which is known as whoosh drill. This match’s long way as helping agent on accomplishing a very good extension and increasing its speed. Furthermore, it indeed plays a factor on synchronizing the hand, the torso as well as the arm movement, something which results on more distance on the tee. In addition, it also helps on sustaining proper spine angles within downswing and backswing to acquisition of the optimal power. Overall, golf driving tips indeed are very easy enough for you to find.

In many activities, some people perceived that the more effort that they made, the more powerful result can be attained. Well in golf, it does not necessarily mean that stronger force in driving the ball, the further it can get to travel. You should probably know some golf driving tips in order to make it happen. As golfer, the physique must be toned and trimmed; it should be not tense and flabby. If it’s the latter then it would be great to make the stance weak and the swing even weaker. Sometimes the secret can be on design of golf club. A certain golfer should know that every club is indeed customized depending in how far golf ball destined to travel. A certain golfer should be able to pick the best golf club and leave work to golf club after all it was specifically designed to it.

Another important golf driving tips in order for you to improve your swing is doing or having a rotational exercise. This can actually be done in home or even when you are sitting behind desk in your office. Kindly cross arms the place it across the chest. Sit up having the back straight. Work on the physical abilities. If you are feeling that your shoulder drops when taking a swing then this could really affect the driving skills. It is very essential that you are doing the appropriate conditioning exercises as well as the proper attuning for the body.

At this very moment, you should properly understand and know that the swing, the club as well as the golfer’s build are the important factors that are affecting the said distance of swing. The most effective golf driving tips are for you to ensure that you’re using the proper club in order for you to have the perfect swing. Please bear in mind that always keep your stance firm and relaxed. Playing golf is very easy to do if you know the things and the proper golf driving tips. By doing the golf driving tips that are written on this article, you are one step away in achieving your goals and that is to become a professional golfer.

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