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how to golfAs a newbie, the first thing that you should know about playing golf is that perfecting your game requires practice, discipline and time. Prior to you hitting your play, you should know how weak or strong your grip should be and how to choose clubs and balls that are best suited for your style. Additionally you need to practice your swing movements, in order to avoid hooking and slicing, so that you will be able to achieve the highest tees and shot. A newbie will generally experience frustration because of injuries to the knees, hips and wrist; however, all you need to do is stick to the rules and tips of playing golf.

Listed below are some golf tips that will help to improve a newbie’s game:

  • Ensure that you engage in some warm up pro exercises before you make your first shot. Warm up exercises such as arm circling, toe touching and stretching not only help to relax your muscles, but they also help you to hit a distant shot. As a newbie, you will not yet know the club and the style that best suits you; therefore, you should try your best not to spend thousands of dollars on golf equipment at the beginner stage. It is important for every newbie to purchase golf gloves that have imprinted holes, as not only will they allow you to have a firm grip while holding the club, but they will also prevent you from getting blisters once you begin your golf lessons.
  • It is also important for a newbie to work on his or her swing movements; this is primarily due to the fact that they improve your stretching, thereby giving you the edge needed to hit a good distant shot. You should first try some swings without actually hitting the ball, once you have an idea of what to do, then you can go ahead and drive the ball.

You cannot learn golf tips for beginners, without talking about gripping. It should be your palms and not your hands that handle the club. You should always have a neutral grip, meaning that your grip should never been too weak or too tight. While taking golf lessons, you will learn that there are two ways to grip the club, either in a hammer-like style or a baseball-like style. In order to achieve the perfect shot, you should have a perfect coordination between your pinky finger and your opposite index finger. It is also very important that you adjust your feet in such a manner that there is perfect balance of your body weight, so that your feet do not move during forward swing or back swing movements.

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